The GOSPEL CHURCH of JESUS is a Community of Christ-followers. We are a spiritual family whose lives have been touched by God’s love, mercy and grace. Being God’s beloved moves us to live our lives for Jesus and to spread His message and His love to everyone because every single person is precious in God’s sight.

GOSPEL – Gospel literally means “Good News.” The good news is that  a life of closeness and intimacy with God is available to all people through Jesus Christ.

When we follow Jesus and yield our lives to Him, our lives will be full and abundant, filled with meaning and purpose. (John 10:10) GCJ wants to live out and spread this Good News to whomever and wherever God would send us. We call this part of our mission as: COMPASSION FOR THE WORLD.

CHURCH – We are a community of imperfect people, being transformed by God’s love, journeying together, striving to become like Jesus in every way. We are striving together, by God’s grace, to reflect His glory by living in unity and loving one another as Christ has loved us. (John 13:34-35) We call this part of our mission as: DEVOTION TO GOD’S COMMUNITY.

JESUS – Jesus is our Saviour, Lord and Master. His love overwhelms us. We want to love Jesus and we want our lives to be all about Him. We want our love for Him to be the motivation in everything that we do. Our desire is for our intimacy with Him to deepen and for Him to be glorified in our lives. We are His followers and we want to lead others to follow Him. We call this part of our mission as: PASSION FOR GOD.

Salvador Sarmiento is GCJ Senior Pastor and wife, Imelda

Ernesto Principe is GCJ Operations Pastor and wife, Fides

Jonathan Baluyot is GCJ Music and Youth Pastor and wife, Kim

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