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Life Groups

The Life Group is the basic unit of GCJ. In Life Groups, we journey in our lives with Christ together. We meet in different locations and mostly in homes around the suburbs of the Blacktown City Council area.

Every person in the Church is encouraged to be a part of a true spiritual family where each one endeavours to follow Christ and be more like Him. Life Group members share a common commitment to help each other thrive in their relationship with God and with one another and to develop compassion for others.  It is where we discover the joys of prayer, reading and studying God’s Word, and applying what God has taught us in practical ways.

We currently have 13 Life Groups that meet in different locations, mostly in homes in various suburbs of the Blacktown City Council area.


IGNITED is our Life Group for the youth age 13-19. They are a passionate and dynamic bunch. A fun-loving, creative group of young people, inspired to live their lives with impact and purpose; making a difference within their ranks and in the lives of other people.  They are radical in style, ridiculously funny, refreshing in their relationships and relevant to their culture.

They know that in Jesus is life, and only from him comes the fullness of it.  So join them in the fun. Experience life as an adventure. They go beyond the status quo and beyond expectations.



Elevate is our Life Group for young adults, 20 to 29 years of age. During this exciting stage filled with decision-making, freedom and responsibilities, Elevate provides a supportive community of people facing similar challenges and experiences.

In Elevate, they study and apply Biblical principles that would help them succeed in life, as God defines success. In Elevate they seek God together, asking His guidance in every area of their lives including career, finances, relationships, ministry and other relevant issues and concerns so that they may flourish and thrive for the glory of God.

Living with and for God together, lifts our “game” to the next level.

Word 4 Kids (W4K)

Word for Kids is the Life Group for children from 2 to 12 years of age. This ministry aims to help and partner with parents to give their children a good foundation in their relationship with God in a stimulating and fun atmosphere. Word for Kids is passionate in bringing God’s word to the children and reinforcing the Biblical values taught at home.

During Sunday School, simultaneous with the Sunday service, the children learn more about their relationship with God and others through learning experiences and creative and performing arts.


Inspire is the Life Group of the seniors in GCJ. The main focus of the ministry is to assist the mature aged members to continue to learn more about God through Bible studies and prayers. It encourages and supports them to carry on in ministering to other people using their God-given gifts and talents, and physical capabilities.

Inspire currently conducts Bible Studies every Sunday after the church service. They also organise outings and trainings in special interests that extend their knowledge and skills and promote camaraderie as a group.

Age is never a hindrance to those that love God and serve Him. “They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green” – Ps 92:14

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