Your privacy matters to us as much as it matters to you. To maintain your trust towards us, we are committed in protecting your information by complying with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and other principles regarding privacy in Australia. This includes the methods of how we gather, use, disclose and store your information.

The following may be of concern to you:

1. Why does Gospel Church of Jesus (GCJ) collect your information?

GCJ, a non-profit organisation aims to nurture followers of Jesus Christ and to reach out to the people in other communities and nations for the furtherance of the kingdom of God. To be able to fulfil our purpose, we conduct programs and services such as Sunday church services for the adults and for the children, Friday night youth and young adult services, Wednesday prayer meetings, life groups, etc. For people to engage in these programs, collecting information of potential participants and attendees is necessary for communication and other purposes.

2. What kind of information do we collect?

Type of information will vary according to the ministry you have chosen to serve in. We will only ask for information that is reasonably necessary for your enjoyment of your chosen program or activity. It is to be noted that if you chose not to give necessary information, your involvement, inclusion and pastoral care in the activity may be restricted. However, we respect your decision in doing so.

Following are information that we collect but is not restricted to:

  • contact details including your name, address, telephone or mobile numbers and email;
  • details about yourself including your birthday, marital status and gender;
  • information about your family including some details about your spouse and/or children; and
  • information about your occupation or education.

2.1 Anonymity and Pseudonymity

In a case of practicability and legality, we will provide you with the option to stay anonymous or be given a pseudonym. It is to be noted that when this case occurs, our communication to you may be restricted.

2.2 Social Media and Online Privacy

We are devoted in keeping your privacy intact. Initially, all access to our website is anonymous. However, this does not occur when you log in using your own account or enter your personal details online.

All visits to our website are logged and recorded. The following information are collected by your browser:

  • details of your visit to the website such as the date, time and length;
  • your IP address and/or domain name;
  • your operating system (type of browser and platform); and
  • the pages and resources you accessed and the documents you downloaded.

Temporary information about your visit is stored by cookies and are encrypted.

It is to be noted that our website may contain links to other websites. It is also possible for other websites to have links to our website. It is also worth noting that other websites are not subject to our privacy policy contained in this page. We encourage you to read and be aware of the privacy policies of those linked websites.

3. How do we collect your information?

Information about our volunteers, employees, contractors, visitors, attendees, supporters and donors are collected through:

  • electronic means, whether it is through our website, social media, email or mobile app;
  • written form (visitor’s card, prayer card, event registration)
  • personal contact meetings;
  • phone calls; and
  • video or image recording.

Information about the purpose of the collection of your information will usually be disclosed to you at the time it is taken. Third parties provided with your information will also be usually disclosed to you.

3.1 Unsolicited collection of personal or sensitive information

In cases where we find information from a third party that is personal and sensitive to you, is not contained in Commonwealth record, or is not reasonably necessary in conducting GCJ’s programs and services, and we are unable to advise you, we will attempt to de-identify or eradicate such information if it is reasonable and lawful to do so.

4. Security of storing your personal information in our databases

We will take reasonable steps to maintain security over your personal information. This is to avoid misuse, loss, modification, interference and disclosure of your information without your consent.

We use Elvanto as our IT system and is password protected. Access to your data is only limited to authorised personnel. When using cloud storage, we assure you that only providers that comply with Australian privacy policies will be partnered with.

Our policy is to destroy information once it is not needed for legal and other purposes.

5. Using your information

Purpose of using your information include the reasons mentioned above, for the reasons they were collected initially, and any other reasons for which your consent was given, or what is reasonably expected or acceptable by law.

5.1 Direct Marketing

It is to be noted that there will be times when we will directly contact you through email, SMS, or social media to inform you about activities or events you might be interested in. Please advise us if you want to opt out of these communications.

6. Access

A request to access your personal information from us will be freely allowed unless it may breach another person’s privacy or it is by reason for which is consistent with the Privacy Act. In the event of these, we are willing to provide you with an explanation for the denial of your request.

7. Correcting

In cases where the information that we possess is inaccurate, out-of-date, or wrong, we will take reasonable steps to alter and correct it. We also provide you the opportunity to do this through this online form

8. Disclosure

Information may be disclosed to our partners that assist us in our fulfilment of our purpose. This will be done only with your consent. Your information will also be available to our GCJ leaders and volunteers for the purpose of providing you with pastoral care and for ministry management. However, it is to be noted that in the process of disclosing your information to other partners, your privacy will still be intact. We trust that our partners will respect your information as much as we respect it.

Disclosure of your information will only be done with your consent or for other purposes such as:

  • when it is required by the law or court order;
  • when it does not breach the privacy policies in Australia; and
  • the recipient of the information has a duty under the law to protect your information.

It is also to be noted that sharing of non-sensitive, non-personal and de-identified information to research agencies may be possible.

9. Privacy questions and complaints

If you have any enquiries and/or complaints about our Privacy Policy, please contact us via the contact details below. We will try to read and reply as soon as possible. To address the problem appropriately and effectively, we may have to request for further information and other details relating to the issue. Please refer to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) via if you are not satisfied with our response.

Dong Sarmiento
Gospel Church of Jesus

4/42 Kurrajong Avenue,

Mount Druitt, NSW 2770,

It is to be noted that our Privacy Policy may change overtime. When this event happens, we will notify you through a post on our website or other means. This will be accompanied with the amended Privacy Policy.

10. Policy Review

This Privacy Policy will be subjected to a review every five (5) years or if it is required by the law.


Date updated: Aug-2019

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